String Of Fast-Food Suits Expected By End Of Year

Source: Lawyers Weekly USA

What I find amazing about all this is the amount of preparation lawyers do for this. The plaintiffs are lodging lawsuits left and right, hoping a favorable judge will give them a ruling that’ll open the door to other lawsuits. Both sides are preparing – the defense is saying “bring it on!”

Who will win this lawsuit? Will it be you, as the consumer? Ha. It’ll be like that lawsuit against CD Price Fixing where any consumer – yes, including you! – just had to fill out a simple form and presto! A check for $13.86 in your mailbox. The lawyers got $23 million. Presumably, if they bought a CD, then they got $23,000,013.86.

Or maybe the winner will be the fast food industry? I wouldn’t be surprised if the settlements take the form of coupons where the fast food joints get additional customers out of the deal, but I would exactly call them winners. They’ll be the losing defendants. Eventually.

Nope, the only winners here are going to be the lawyers.

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