Then Everything Changed

My friend Sean sent this to me; it’s the kind of story that doesn’t make headlines. Our President seems to go out of his way sometimes not to take credit for his compassion. If I may, Mr. President, allow me the honor of tooting your horn for you.

Bush Comforts Wendy Faulkner …As the event wound down, the president worked the line in full campaign mode shaking hands and signing autographs. As the president passed the group, Mr. Faulkner got an autograph, and the president continued on until Linda Prince spoke up, “This girl lost her mother on 9/11,” Prince told the president.

Then everything changed.

“The president’s entire expression transformed,” Mr. Faulkner told me on Sunday. “He turned and came back against the flow and his eyes locked on Ashley’s. His face showed a man who was no longer the president, he was a father and a husband.” President Bush made his way back to Ashley and he embraced the 15-yeal old young woman. “She snuggled in with the president just like she did when she was a little girl with her dad,” Mr. Faulkner said. “I know it’s hard,” Mr. Faulkner heard the president tell his daughter. “I’m okay,” Ashley told the president. The embrace continued.

Read the whole story at The Washington Dispatch.

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