Democrat Suicide Watch

Found this at “Blogs for Bush”, but actually penned at “The Common Virtue”.

Imagine, for a moment if you will, that you are a liberal Democrat. Then imagine what it must have been like for them to wake up this morning and find every reason for their arguments against President Bush absolutely obliterated.

The article is fascinating –

  • First, Vladimir Putin shoots down the position that Iraq wasn’t a threat. Russia passed along several threats to US intelligence.
  • Then Bush made a campaign stop with John McCain, finally killing that goofy rumor that McCain migh consider running as Kerry’s V.P.
  • Then a jobless report comes out showing the economy is catching on fire – the report says “We’re in the early stages of a long expansion.”
  • Then Kerry decides to shelve discussions on religion when trying to tout how religious he was backfired on him; four Catholic bishops have barred Kerry from taking communion in their dioceses.
  • A new poll comes out that says approval for Bush’s Iraq policy is improving, job approval is improving, and Bush’s is back in the lead when polled who Americans want for President.

What was Kerry’s response to all that? Raise the minimum wage to $7 an hour and try to kill the economic expansion in its tracks? Increase the number of middle class Americans by taxing the heck out of the wealthy ones? Try to defend against his own state’s governor calling for Kerry to resign from the Senate because Kerry’s missed so many votes this year it’s costing Massachusetts millions of dollars? Yup – all of the above. What a bad week for the Waffle King.

One thought on “Democrat Suicide Watch

  1. The McCain thing soooo killed me! BWAAAAAAAAAAAA
    I was outside the hangar there at FT. Lewis listening and I almost crapped myself when McCain led the speech! Holy smackdown…eh?


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