Operation Tiger Claw

With a note of thanks to SondraK comes an 18 year old’s fight for free speech. Tired of leftist propoganda in his high school, he starts Operation Tiger Claw – his right to disagree with what was being taught to him.

The amazing thing is the homework this kid did ahead of time – armed with his pocket copy of the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence (don’t you have one, too?), he calmly defended himself against the leftist hysteria that labeled him a racist and a bigot when he was nothing of the sort. He was merely pointing out the leftist hypocrisy, and they screamed at him. He handled it remarkably well.

Read his entire story, complete with backup documentation, picture of his evil socialist repressors, and phone numbers where you can order your own pocket Constitution for only $1.

My favorite part is when he contacted the ACLU to defend his right to put up a sign that said, “The A.C.L.U. – We don’t hate religion, we just hate Christianity.”

3 thoughts on “Operation Tiger Claw

  1. Isn’t he the coolest????
    I wish I had that kind of conviction and comprehension when *I* was that young…..
    Thanks for helping to spread this around.


  2. Bryan Henderson: The ProtestWarrior
    Via Dean’s World This linky here is the tale of an 18 year old named Bryan Henderson and his pro-war protest at Princeton Senior High School. Bryan is a young neocon who decided to speak out against against his predominantly…


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