Kris's Older Sister

Last night’s dream was in a movie theater. Or a swimming pool. Or maybe a movie theater in a swimming pool. I’m not really sure.

There was a girl in high school, Kris. I barely knew her, haven’t thought about her since 1980. All I remember about her is that she had red hair.

She had an older sister. I didn’t know her at all. And *that’s* who I was seeing the movie with last night.

So Kris’s older sister – call me. We should talk. πŸ˜›

P.S. There were also tornadoes and wine bottles in the dream. I’m so confused.

5 thoughts on “Kris's Older Sister

  1. I always have strange dreams too and bought a dream dictionary a long time ago. It helped me from walking around stressed about things – – because some of my dreams are really horrible. This is what it says about your dream:

    Tornado – If you dream that you are caught up in a tornado or see a tornado, then you will find your stress level is incredibly high over business. Your well laid business plans aren’t succeeding and it is time to make a change to once again gain control over your desire to succeed. More education, better training or so forth.

    Empty Wine Bottles – You are looking for joy as well as a more carefree attitude

    Red Hair – This is an indication of mixed emotions. You are feeling concerned about an emotional tie.

    Was the water in the pool calm? Could you see into it or was it very dark?

    I know this may seem weird to some, but I think it’s clever and fun.


  2. I also had a dream about tornados this weekend. I was with two friends in a car and one of them made us get out of the car and jump into a ditch when the tornado started coming towards us. And then I called hubby at home and told him to grab the kids and get into the closet.


  3. I know my Mom was real big into dream analysis. Me, I’m unconvinced that a particular symbol means the same thing to everybody. While I can see a tornado may mean stress (or in my case, dozens and dozens of tornadoes), I can’t imagine it has anything to do with my work.

    I think the wine bottles in the dream were full – I think they were supposed to be a gift to me. The water was a clear and mostly calm – it was a swimming pool theater, where we sat on submerged benches.

    And the red haired girl wasn’t in the dream. Her older sister was, and she was blonde.


  4. My tornado dreams are what I call “life out of control” dreams. They interchange with dreams that I’m driving at night, can’t see where I’m going, but can’t slow down or stop. The tornados never actually hit; I’m always just watching them in the distance, waiting for them to strike.

    Dream images tend to be highly personal and often literal (like, is there a lot of whining in your life right now?) The key is not so much what happens in the dream, but how you feel about it.

    For example, were you actually watching the movie, waiting for it to begin, trying to watch but couldn’t because you were getting distracted by the tornados and Kris’s sister? Were you annoyed, anxious, relaxed, confused? Did you feel out of place in the water, like something wasn’t quite right?

    Here’s a stab at it – you feel like there’s some opportunity in your life that you have either missed or you are letting get away, due to something you feel is out of your control. The wine could be any number of things; the aforementioned whining, or something that has been kept bottled up, or representative of something that you associate with wine (could be for example a spiritual reference, like communion, especially given the water)

    So, maybe it’s about a spiritual issue – you’re in the water, you’ve got the wine, but you’re not submerged, the wine is bottled up. You’re watching the movie, not living it. There are distractions, possibly past unresolved issues.

    See…if I keep at it long enough, I’m bound to hit an interpretation that works on some level.

    BTW, my older sister is a blonde. So obviously the whole dream was about me. Because I’m the center of the universe.


  5. Yup, spinthemoon, I think dreams all have personal meanings. I didn’ feel stressed; the tornados were fun to look at but I didn’t feel threatened by them. I don’t remember even looking at the movie screen, I was more interested in the person in front of me sitting on a submerged bench.

    It’s possible it was just an entertaining mad-for-dreams movie, too. πŸ™‚

    Now that I’m home, I can pull out the yearbook. She was Class of ’79, and I was confused about the names. The older sister was Chris and she’s exactly the way I dreamed. The younger red-haired sister (who wasn’t in the dream) was Kim.


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