Groucho Watermellon Pastamancer Switzerland

This just in: Chasing the Wind is the #1 match on Google for “Groucho impersonation.”

There have been a lot of odd searches that led people here recently (more watermellon carving!) but they’ve all been dwarfed by the number of people trying to download Michael Moore’s trashing of America flick. But I don’t want to overlook these gems:

  • stupid dirty girl california education
  • public restroom in Switzerland
  • heeny Palm Beach
  • scrappleface
  • jehovahs witness convention schedule
  • ken lay evidence
  • there is no terrorist threat in this country this is a lie this is the biggest lie we’ve been told
  • paul schanzle
  • ninjas as cold as ice

And the #1 search is still “pastamancer.” I’m hoping by next week we’ll have people searching for “Whoopi and the cheese poems,” “pastamancer tort reform,” and “John Kerry: Fruit for Breakfast”.