Dale Earnhard, Jr.'s Politics

Liberal websites all over and gleefully reporting the news that Dale Earnhardt, Jr., took his crew to see Fahrenheit 9/11. *Every* source that I followed tacked back to one of these two places:

Michael Moore claims Dale Earnhardt Jr. took his pit crew to see F9/11:

Surfing through the dial I landed on the Fox broadcasting network which was airing the NASCAR race live last Sunday to an audience of millions of Americans — and suddenly the announcers were talking about how NASCAR champ Dale Earnhardt, Jr. took his crew to see “Fahrenheit 9/11” the night before. FOX sportscaster Chris Myers delivered Earnhardt’s review straight out of his mouth and into the heartland of America: “He said hey, it’ll be a good bonding experience no matter what your political belief. It’s a good thing as an American to go see.”

And Paul Krugman in the Houston Chronicle reported the same thing.

Last Saturday, Dale Earnhardt Jr. took his NASCAR crew to see it. The film’s appeal to working-class Americans, who are the true victims of George Bush’s policies, should give pause to its critics, especially the nervous liberals rushing to disassociate themselves from Michael Moore.

Both people said they heard Chris Myers of Fox Sports say that Earnhardt took his crew:

“You think you know Dale Earnhardt Jr.? He advised his crew to go see the Michael Moore movie Farenheit 911. He said hey, it’ll be a good bonding experience no matter what your political belief. It’s a good thing as an American to go see… and it just shows you that Dale Earnhardt Jr. can reach far beyond the steering wheel.”

Dale Earnhardt, Jr & George Bush, July 1, 2000 I spent 30 minutes tonight trying to find another source, but the only source for this information all points back to the Chris Myers / Fox Sports quote. It’s not on the Dale Earnhardt, Jr. site, and it’s not on the Fox Sports site. It’s also not on Fox News. Or ABC / CBS / NBC / CNN / AP / Reuters or any of the major news sources.

The quote, interestingly enough, says absolutely nothing about Dale Earnhardt’s political leanings; many conservatives have gone to see the movie just so they can bash it first hand.

I think it doesn’t matter whether he saw the movie or not – there’s nothing inherently un-American about seeing the movie. Just un-American to produce such a sack of lies. And gullible if you believe them. I don’t think it’s a big deal one way or the other – it’s not like Earnhardt’s out there trashing the President like the Whoopi did.

I’ll wait until Earnhardt himself addresses the topic; until then, I’ll remain skeptical that he even went. Oh, and here’ a picture of Dale Earnhard, Sr. with George Bush at the start of the Pepsi 400 on July 1, 2000. Just so you have something to look at while we wait.