Martha Stewart

I’m not really getting into the Martha Stewart thing. I only turned on the TV for a few minutes for breakfast this morning, and Fox News was all “Martha Stewart this” and “Martha Stewart that.” *zzzzz*

I don’t really care whether she’s an “ice princess,” a “domestic diva,” the salvation of our sofa with handmade doilies. I don’t own any Martha Stewart stock, and any rise or fall is based only on speculation and has little to do with earnings at this point.

I also don’t think there’s any similarities to Enron, and I don’t care if people think she ought to be taught a lesson or if she’s a symbol of corporate corruption. *zzzzzz*

The only thing interesting to me about the whole case is that the insider trading charge was dismissed. Not enough evidence to find her guilty, the judge threw out that charge months ago and criticized government prosecutors for filing that charge without any evidence. The only charge left, then, was the charge she lied to investigators.

Note that there’s no underlying crime here – only that she lied when she was cooperating. Lesson: Never, ever cooperate. If she had kept silent at the beginning, she’s be free and clear.

With this is mind, I think 5 months is a very harsh punishment for lying. She should have received probation.

And that’s about the only interest I had in the whole case. *zzzzzzz*