Bush Apologize? I Think Not.

There are a couple of liberal websites I read; I find most of them full of vitriol and I avoid them, but some of them have polite, civil discussion. One of them is Something’s Got to Break. He’s posted an article that calls for Bush to apologize for the Iraq war.

I was intrigued by this position; I don’t think Bush has anything to apologize for. I believe, as I’m sure Bush believes, that Iraq was a danger to the US, itself, and Iraq’s neighbors, that Saddam had developed a “just-in-time” capability of WMDs, that sufficient sarin, mustard gas, and enriched uranium has been found, that stopping the torture and mass graves was a very humanitarian thing to do. That the Oil-for-Food program was making Saddam, UN and France officials rich and that’s why they still opposed force after 12 years.

In short, America did what America does best; they liberated a country and are now rebuilding it. No other country that I know of would have attempted such a thing without also attempting to lay claim to Iraq’s soveriegnty.

Something’s Got to Break has also linked to a Dallas News “conservative political columnist and Bush supporter” to call for the apology. After reading the article, he doesn’t sound very conservative to me, but basically he hinges the whole call for apology on a Washington Post poll that says only 45% of the public think the war was worth fighting versus 57% a year ago. I think that could be attributed to a number of things; partially hindsight on the poor quality of our intelligence, but also the unrelentless negativity from the media. If you read most of the liberal news, you’d think there was no evidence of WMD’s, that Americans were happily killing babies in the US quest for more oil. The news doesn’t portray any of the positives; the statues Iraqis have built in praise of American soldiers, the new schools America is building, the Baghdad stock market opening last week (and half of the floor traders are Iraqi women). News like that barely gets mentioned, if at all.

Anyway, if you’d like a more liberal view of the world than can be found here, but a polite, civil, liberal view, I think Something’s Got to Break might fit your needs. I disagree with almost everything he says, but he’s mostly polite about it. 😛

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