Al Qaeda Operative Arrested in McAllen, Texas

A South African woman, Farida Goolam Mohamed Ahmed, was picked up at the McAllen Miller International Airport on July 19, headed to New York. Authorities believe she is a high-level Al Qaeda operative.

Government sources tell that capturing this woman could be comparable to the arrest of Khalid Sheik Mohammed, the alleged mastermind of 9/11. It was revealed in court Tuesday that she was on a watch list and had entered the U.S. possibly as many as 250 times.

Gadzooks, man. Our borders are so porous that it takes 250 crossings before we finally catch them? What’s frustrating is that the instant we propose any method of tightening the border, Mexican officials will complain.

We need to get our priorities in order. Stopping Al Qaeda is first, making Mexico happy with the border is second.

2 thoughts on “Al Qaeda Operative Arrested in McAllen, Texas

  1. My wifes cousin works for the border patrol in that area. He just got promoted to the K9 unit. The last time he was here for a visit I ask a lot of these type questions. I was shock at what happens down there. Catching bad guys and shipping them home and catching them tomorrow. Pick up trucks on the south side of the border get there plates run and they were stolen in Texas last week. He said a few times that the stolen truck was being driven by Mexican miliatry personal. This is by far the easies way into this country.

    Good thing Texas has the worlds largest armed pick-up truck fleet. Only way to take over is to throw a BBQ and extend the football season. 🙂


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