Relaxing Weekend, Back to Work

That was my first 3-day weekend since June. I’d almost forgotten how much I enjoyed my 3-day weekends every other week.

Friday was a day of nothing; puttered around the house, read blogs, played some Ultima Online, and waited for Alex to show up so we could catch “Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.” He got in too late Friday though and had laundry to do. And Saturday he left before noon; he has to get back to school to get a good parking place.

In my son’s world, I know where I rank. Someplace between “laundry” and “a good parking spot.”

Patty had called me to ask me to dinner Saturday night since it was her husband Rick’s poker night, so I did some research on a restaurant she was looking for. (For some reason, she’s not getting my emails anymore, so bless her heart she called me before I had a chance to call her.) I took a friend of hers out to dinner a year ago who apparently still raves about the cooking, but “Bistro Boulevard” has since closed down. The chef, Monica Pope, has opened a new restaurant called “Tafia”. The menu is to die for. I couldn’t get reservations though, so we switched to “Cafe Complique'”. Then Rick’s poker game got rained out somehow, so Rick and Patty came by to pick me up. Which meant I had to ride in the back seat. Bah. The backseat always makes me feel like a kid. Adults get to ride in the front.

There was a wedding reception going on across the street at the Rice Hotel, so several times Patty ended up talking to herself as Rick and I admired the women’s fashions and forgot to keep thinking at the same time. I enjoyed wandering around the downtown area, but man is it empty. That toy train (that I voted against, by the way) has done nothing to revitalize the area. I think those new restaurants are going to go broke.

Sunday I called Sean, but he was occupied, so I went to see “Sky Captain” by myself. It’s ok for a rental, but it wasn’t that good of a movie. Scifi, 1950’s style, with some occasionally funny dialogue and campy special effects, but the overall story dragged.

Then on the way home, a stop at Best Buy to buy a new printer. I sent Alex an email last week that said, “Alex, bring your printer home this weekend, I have a couple of things I need to print.” But he didn’t; he said he thought I was kidding. For the life of me, I can’t figure out which part of my email was supposed to be funny.

By the way, the economy is booming – the waiting line was a dozen people long. I bought an Epson R300 color printer and some printable CD-ROM’s. Did you know they make CD-ROMs you can put directly into your printer? Now I know, too. Picked up a couple of Christmas ideas, too, for Alex and my sister.

The printer will let me print out my tax returns for the last couple of years, which I’ll need to refinance my mortgage. Like a root canal, I’m looking forward to that.

There. Now you’re all caught up with what’s going on in my world. πŸ˜›

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