Offensive Sacrilege

Via Pamibe comes an article about as offensive as the left can be.

I always wonder this about the extreme left: they preach Political Correctness (PC) everywhere. Can’t say this cuz it offends group A. Can’t say that, cuz it offends group B. I know I’m allowed to call myself white, but if you’re another race, I have no idea what’s allowed anymore. But these leftist extremists have absolutely no qualms about offending conservative Christians. None. Anything offensive, like a portrait of the Virgin Mary painted with dung, is done in the name of Freedom of Expression.

They’re at it again. Tell me which of these two new creations you think are more sensitive, more PC:


The lying adulterer Bill Clinton’s head on the body of Jesus Christ (available on t-shirts, coffee mugs, or lunchboxes), or


a bib for babies that says, “I (heart) abortion)”.

So much of American domestic and foreign policy is created from a Christian morality-based standpoint, and that is what offends so many people who are not Christian.

And it’s been this way since the Mayflower landed and these people are just now figuring out that this country has a “Christian morality-based standpoint?”

I respect the right of a Muslim, Hindu, Taoist, athiest, secular humanist, pagan, or whatever to believe whatever they want. I used to joke as a kid that I believed in Whammoism, that when you died your soul turned into a Frisbee and got stuck on the roof. Whatever you want to believe, really. I also happen to think you’re missing out on the joys of Christianity and given the opportunity will be happy to share my beliefs with you, but ultimately it’s your choice.

And I’ll respect your right by not making fun of reincarnation, enlightenment, mandatory vegetarianism, or whatever beliefs you may have. I’ll draw the line at Muslim extremism that advocated blowing up children, but other than that, sacrifice as many goats as you want. Christians don’t win many converts when we belittle others; we win believers when we live by example.

Your may think your Bill Clinton sacrilege or your celebration of the loss of pre-infant life is funny, but it’s offensive to Christians.

Your hypocracy of demanding PC and simultaneously the right to be offensive is appalling.

5 thoughts on “Offensive Sacrilege

  1. I’m sure he’ll say something like, “hey it’s all in good fun” or “I have the right to say it, it’s America.” That doesn’t change the fact that it’s offensive to millions of Christians.


  2. I’m in complete agreement with you and stated pretty much echoed how they will react in a post I made this morning on this subject. I actually had seen the picture I believe it was yesterday but blew it off. Then the more I thought about it the more it offended me. That is what led to my posting this morning.


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