Kerry is Proposing a Draft?

According to an Associated Press story, John Kerry says that a “military draft could be reinstated if voters re-elect President Bush.”

Then he immediately flip flops and says Kerry would not bring back the draft.

I suppose he’s trying to do that fear-monger thing, making people think George Bush would reinstate the draft, but George Bush and Donald Rumsfeld have made it perfectly clear that a draft is unnecessary nor desireable. The biggest problem is that a draft is 2 years and it takes almost that long to train troops. A volunteer, longer term armed forces is working much better.

So is congress proposing a draft? Actually, some are – and it’s the Democrats that are proposing it!

S.89 was introduced by DEMOCRAT Senator Fritz Hollings of South Carolina.

H.R. 163 was introduced by DEMOCRAT Representative Charles Rangel of New York.

So I think Kerry is proposing that John Kerry will personally propose a draft if George Bush wins. That’s the only non-flip-flop answer I can come up with.

6 thoughts on “Kerry is Proposing a Draft?

  1. Not only is a draft not desireable, its not do-able.

    Training and doctrine are formulated around the volunteer troop. They are not forced to be there. Training can be less draconian, more skill focused and of a compressed duration. Drill Sergeants are not compelled to enforce disciplne on those that did not expect to receive it and do not want it (this is really simplified–I hope you’ll forgve that).

    Doctrine is developed that takes advantage of more fully trained internally motivated troops that can and will more readilly exercise initiative.

    All of this would have to change. It’d take years to do and we shouldn’t do it while at war.


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