Renewed Request for Prayer

After Hayden’s miraculous recovery, she has stalled in her recovery. Her father and grandfather are asking anew for your prayers.


There was a meeting with Hospital staff and family on Friday. Four physicians were present. The two most senior were the main pediatrician and the pediatric neurologist. The other two were not very active in the meeting and were young residents.

Hayden has not shown any improvement since early last week. This is very concerning as her progress can only be gauged by clinical observation. There is no way to diagnose brain damage as a precise to diagnose or treatment. Hayden’s age is a large factor in the equation as some healing and rebuilding may come as a product of her young age. There is no way to judge how much if any will occur. We are really shooting blind.

In the meeting the two main doctors had contradicting views for little hope to no hope at all. The opinion I got from the meeting was, at this point, we are still uncertain. One thing certain, time for Hayden is running out. If healing is to come, it should be continuous, No one could refute that. At present, Hayden is not showing improvement and that is not a good sign. We have some time, but not much. Weeks in intensive care have cost the insurance company great sums of money. Although she is not in intensive care now, they will not support her position much longer unless there is evidence to do so. Our only hope is prayer and patients.

The hospital rooms are overloaded and Hayden has been moved to a room with six other beds. It is difficult to even maneuver to hold her hand. Spending the night or rocking her is not an option under the current set of circumstances. We had hopped that contact through holding, speaking to her and rocking her would facilitate interaction. That would be a good sign as interaction would mean brain activity on a higher level. Right now, we suspect her actions are involuntary and reactive to her condition, movement with no meaning. We are praying for interaction of some kind. Without it soon there will be little hope left for her ability to survive.

Please keep praying for Hayden. God is our great physician.

May God bless you all for your Love and Support,


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