Death Row Syndrome

I don’t get it. A man on death row wants to die… and “experts” consider that to be a reason to overturn his death penalty? Because he wants to die?

It would only be ok to execute him if he wants to live? Or do you have to prescribe a treatment to make him mentally healthy enough to execute him?

HARTFORD, Conn. – Shortly after his third suicide attempt, serial killer Michael Ross wrote that life on death row was increasingly unbearable.


Ross, who has been seeking his own death and hired a lawyer to forgo his appeals, was supposed to die by injection Monday in New England’s first execution in 45 years.

But Ross’ fate is now in question after his lawyer filed papers requesting a hearing to examine whether Ross suffers from what some experts call “death row syndrome” — that is, he has become unhinged from being on death row and is no longer mentally competent to decide his fate.

2 thoughts on “Death Row Syndrome

  1. I thought the basic idea behind incarcerating someone (especially on death row) was taking away their ability to decide their own fate. Since they already proved incapable of making clear and reasonable choices in that regard.

    Did I misunderstand?


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