More Prayers, Please

No posts today, sorry. Was called out early this morning to visit my stepfather in the hospital. I think he’s spent 2 of the last 3 months there.

I would appreciate your prayers for Irv today. Early this morning it was looking pretty iffy, but it looks like he’s going to make it. Irv’s tough. They’re going to keep him in the ICU for a couple of days on a breathing machine just in case before they release him.

4 thoughts on “More Prayers, Please

  1. Thank you, Tony. Irv had congestive heart failure early Monday morning, but they’re caring for him now. The flu can be very destructive to those with weakened immune systems.

    I learned, though, not to leave a voice mail to my girlfriend at 7am that starts, “I am in the hospital…” I’ll choose safer words next time. 🙂


  2. 🙂 I can understand that about the voicemail. I remember when my wife was pregnant with our youngest and I called home from work at dinner time, as is my norm. My mother-in-law answered the phone instead of Chris. I thought that was odd. Then when I asked her if I could talk to Chris she said that she was at the ER. I immediately thought something was wrong with either her or the baby. Come to find out, they had taken my sister-in-law to the ER and Chris was only there for support.

    I also understand about the flu. Early last summer I had brochitis that quickly turned in pnemonia. I guess that happened because I smoke (I know, I’m trying to quit) which makes it easier for me to get those kinds of things.

    Anyway, I will pray for your step father. I’m sure that the Lord’s Will will be done.


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