You're in the Army Now

My son Alex (he posts here under the initials A.M.M.) is currently at Sam Houston State University studying Criminal Justice with a minor in Halo 2.

As of June 15th, he reports for Basic Training at Ft. Jackson, South Carolina. That’s right – Private Alex has joined the Army Reserves.

He tells me his mild color blindness will keep him from combat roles (though he’s well aware that doesn’t keep him out of actual combat). After 9 weeks of Basic (+11 more weeks of specialized training for his field), he’ll be reassigned back to Huntsville as a paralegal specialist.

I’m very proud of him and his decision. Nervous, but proud. You can tell him, too, in the comments section below.

* Updated the number of weeks of training based on Alex’s comments below. What do I know about military service? Nothing at all, but I’m about to find out. 😛