Dale Earnhardt and Chim Chim

Give me some candy, Chim Chim!

This post will be too long, so here’s the end of the story first: I bought my brother this t-shirt (click for larger image):

OK, now I’ll back up to the beginning. A synopsis of random nonsense all munged together for your amusement. 🙂

I still get a lot of visitors here looking for Dale Earnhardt and his girlfriend Kortney (Kortnie? Courtney? Cortnie? I dunno, better spell it every which way to help the search engines.) Look way down on the left side menu under “Referral Links) and you’ll see the latest searches that led people here. Here are some of the searches I’ve seen this morning:

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Man. I write about some eclectic stuff. None of those things are related.

Anyway… where was I? Oh yeah. Once upon a time I made up a goofy story about Dale breaking up with Kortney and checking into a rehab clinic for an addiction to honey, and Kortney running off with Speed Racer. I get lots of strangers stopping by saying “I LUV U DALE” – there are 145 comments to this post.

I sort of egged the Dale Earnhardt lunatics on with this piece of nonsense:

Kortnie (who also goes by the nom de plume of Courtney and maybe even Cortnie or Kourtney) has denied allegations of infidelity. “Speed Racer and I are just friends,” Kortnie claims. “Do I look like Trixie to you?” She also refused to discuss her relationship with Chim Chim after pictures of her monkeying with him surfaced.

To which my brother Stephen replied,

Give me some candy!

So of course I ordered him the tee-shirt with Chim Chim on it. It is sooooo my brother, too. If you missed his followup, he told me he was so stressed by his doorbell ringing (shades of cookie girl neighbors!), that he’s going to sue:

You might wanna blog about why you are sending you little brother a shirt with a chimp on it. When the postman knocked on my door, nobody answered and I got upset and my stomach started to churn. I had to be rushed to the hospital. Emergency shirt-endectomy. Who’s gonna pay my medical bills?

😆 Thanks for the shirt. I laughed for an hour. Then my side hurt and I called 911….

There. Dale Earnhardt, Winne-the-Pooh, Chim Chim and the Cookie Girls, and my brother’s upcoming surgery and lawsuit, all wrapped up nice and neat. 😛