When the Law is Wrong

I added a new blog to my blogroll this morning, The Wittenberg Gate, “Applying the Scriptures to every sphere of life.” That’s the journey I’m on right now – I don’t want to just study. I want to apply God’s Word.

The author Dory has written a terrific article called When the Law is Wrong. While the bible calls for Christians to obey civil authorities (Romans 13:5, Matthew 22:21, 1 Peter2:13-15, among others) call for Christians to obey civil authorities, we are called to resist when it directly conflicts with the Word of God (Acts 5:29).

In the Terri Schiavo case, Terri is innocent of wrong doing. Only the word of her husband, several years after the fact, say that Terri wanted to die, a fact disputed by Terri’s parents and siblings. And since the husband has reneged on other duties as a husband by having an adulterous affair and bearing children, it’s clear his opinion may be compromised.

And since God tells us not to take an innocent life (Exodus 20:13, Matthew 5:21), it’s clear we should not stand idly by and watch this woman starve to death.

Wittenburg Gate offers up excellent commentary on why the law is wrong in Terri Schiavo’s case.

7 thoughts on “When the Law is Wrong

  1. God doesn’t tell us to stand idly by when others are being injured. If my neighbor is being beaten and I simply watch, I’m as guilty as if I had done the beating myself. Casualties of war, even innocent lives, are sometimes unavoidable in order to save millions more.

    There is an excellent discussion of Pacifism and the Church of God if you wish to read further. Attempting to compare the non-violent saving of one woman’s life to the necessity of war in order to save American lives from countries devoted to ending innocent life would be quite a stretch.


  2. But don’t you think its also a stretch to say that Iraq and the Iraqi people were devoted to ending American lives? Our own government has conceded that they did not have WMD capabilities and that they posed no threat to America. Our official reason for going to war is currently that Saddam was a horrible dictator tyrant that needed to be removed to save the Iraqis. I fail to see how necessary it was to take down Saddam’s regime, when there are much more pressing matters. Why didn’t we go into North Korea, a country that poses a real threat, that actually has nuclear weapons, and that is incredibly hostile towards the west and towards America in particular?


  3. It pertains in that you are a hypocrite. You are so “pro-life” when it comes to abortion issues and to the Terri Schiavo ordeal, but when it comes to war you take the side of murder, the loss of innocent life. You can’t be both pro-life and pro-murder.


  4. World Patriot! Why didn’t you tell me that was you? You always have such interesting opinions that are best kept to yourself. I recommended last year that you start up your own blog; they’re free at blogger.com. You won’t find much traction for your views here, especially since you usually start insulting me and people with similar views.

    I try my darndest not to be a hypocrite. Sometimes a war is necessary to prevent further loss of life. But that’s all the anti-war propoganda I’m going to permit on this posting.


  5. Sorry Michael, but I have to side with Bob on this one.. Who in their right mind would WANT to live like Terri?? She has NO cerebrial cortex. No cognitive thought. Her brain is mush. Trust me on this one.. If she had a choice, she WOULD NOT want to live the hellish life she has been forced to live for almost 15 years. As for the war in Iraq.. Bob is right.. you CAN NOT have it both ways.. War is MURDER!! Letting Terri escape the suffering that she and her family are going through, that’s EMPATHY.. I live in the same town as Schiavo and this legal battle is uncalled for. Michael is her husband. He should be the one to have final say. If you WANT to be kept alive by artifical means, then make it known in writing.. If not, then make that known as well. Terri Schiavo should never have become a political pawn for our judges and government leaders to use. Her parents should have had the decency to keep the matter of her life or death private. I have a neurological disorder that could one day leave me in the same situation as Terri. I WOULD NOT want to be kept alive that way. I love my husband and daughter too much to put them through the years of pain and suffering Terri’s husband and family are going through now. It’s uncalled for and unfair to ask ANYONE to go through the daily mourning. Let her go so everyone can get on with their lives and deal with the loss. Everyone needs to stop exploiting her condition. She is a person, not a pawn.


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