Terrorists Still Hate Us

Even though the title of this article says, “Muslim world rejecting violence, says poll,” that’s not the conclusion I get from reading the results.

The survey found that in Turkey, Morocco and Indonesia 15% or fewer said that suicide bombings and other acts of violence against civilian targets in defence of Islam could be justified; the figure in Morocco last year was 40%.

In Pakistan, only one in four – 25% – took the view that suicide bombings could be justified, a sharp drop from 41% last year. In Lebanon, which has been the victim of several recent bombing attacks, 39% now regard acts of terrorism as often or sometimes justified compared to 73% in 2002.

The one notable exception to the trend was Jordan, where a majority – 57% – said suicide bombings and violence were justifiable in defence of Islam.

Muslims in the surveyed countries were divided on suicide bombings in Iraq. Nearly half in Lebanon and Jordan, and 56% in Morocco, said suicide bombings against westerners in Iraq were justifiable, but substantial majorities in Turkey, Pakistan and Indonesia took the opposite view.

Those figures concern me. A lot. While the mainstream media spins this as “Muslim World rejecting violence,” I’m reading that anywhere from 15% to 55% of Muslims, depending on the part of the world, feel that Al Qaeda is justified in bombing civilians. That’s a lot of Muslims that want to kill westerners. When I see a new, huge mosque being built on a plot of land on my way to work, am I supposed to feel comforted that only 15% of them think I should be dead?

Mohamed el-Amir, the father of 9/11 suicide pilot Mohammed Atta, thinks 9/11 was a good thing and would like to see more attacks like the 7/7 London bombings. Then he offered to let CNN videotape an interview with him for $5000. He planned on using that money to finance another terror attack.

This time, CNN declined, probably thinking they’ve financed enough terrorism. Back in 2002, CNN paid $30,000 for Al Qaeda videos of poison gas experiments.

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