The Bible or the Axe


William O. Levi
The Bible or the Axe
One man’s dramatic escape from persecution in the Sudan

When I first read the title, I assumed this book would be about a man having to choose whether to renounce his faith or be killed. It was that, but it was more. William’s grandfather explained to him when he was a boy that the bible was the Sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God. And when it was time to face your enemy, which weapon would you pick up – the Bible? Or the Axe?

William starts off with a history of Sudan and illustrates the importance in the Old Testament where both Cush, grandson of Noah. William is born in a country rich in the people of Messianic Jews, but then is chased to Uganda as a child by Ilsmaist jihadists, intent on slaughtering a generation to leave the Christians without the knowledge of their parents.

William’s father founds a village called Ambuluwa in Uganda, but when it appeared that Islamists had declared peace, they returned to Sudan. The peace was short lived, and William’s family is given the choice between fighting the Islamists or living his faith, studying the bible in order to restore Sudan when the peace is restored again.

William is tortured during his excape to America but never forgets the lesson of his grandfather, that God loves all people, not just Christians. The enemy is not the Muslims; the enemy is Satan. If you can spread the word of Jesus to a jihadist, then you have defeated Satan.

The book is gripping, rich in history and hope for the future for the Christians of Sudan. Highly recommended.