The Real Katrina Tragedy

The real tragedy from Katrina is not the wind, the rain, or the flooding. No, the real tragedy is that number of dangerous animals parading around on two feet.

From a link from Vox comes this story at Useful Fools. It’s too graphic to repost here in it’s entirety, but two survivors of the Superdome report callous behavior toward corpses, attacks on National Guard members, and rapes. They say 53 people died at the Superdome, most of them murdered.

Think about that. While most of humanity bands together during national disasters, lowlifes in New Orleans fed off the victims. More stories will come and bobbleheads from ivy league universities will eventually tell us why, but I think it’s obvious. New Orleans has been a city of decadence for many years.

I don’t recall this sort of behavior after the Mississippi flooding a number of years back, nor after the 9/11 disaster. Could the depravity we’re witnessing now be related to the glorification of decadence? Would we see the same sort of behavior if the Ten Commandments were ingrained in the residents instead of “show me your breasts and I’ll throw you some beads?”

Whatever the reason, the real tragedy is the behavior of the people. The damage from the flooding can be repaired. The damage people do to each other is worse.