At The Journey, Rodney wonders about insects with low self-esteem. There’s something wrong with Rodney.

Officials in Rome, Italy, have solved one of the world’s most pressing problems by banning the use of round goldfish bowls.

Oil Slicks.  They Make the Water Pretty. If you want to Taunt Libs, there are some new t-shirts available. Hey, it’s what they think about conservatives anyway, so might as well have fun with it.

Here’s a game that requires absolutely no skill. If you play, post a) your score and b) how many hours you spent watching the little squiggles roll around. Me, 3 minutes, 1603 points. Ha, beat that.

If you have a fun link for the day, let me know and I’ll post it here. 🙂

Update: Sean adds Mr. Wrinkle to today’s whimsical sites. I wonder about Sean, too.

Update2: Jo adds Stuff on My Cat which is all about… um, putting stuff on a cat.