Review: Think Before You Look


“Think Before You Look” by Daniel Henderson (subtitled “Avoiding the Consequences of Secret Temptation” ) is a biblical examination of the problems pornography can cause to our spiritual self. The book is divided into 40 chapters dealing with a unique and positive reason not to spend time with pornography. Some of the major reasons for a Christian to avoid pornography include:

  • Avoiding a life of deception and hypocrasy
  • Becoming a faithful steward with money
  • Developing a dsciplined character
  • Relating to women as equals and persons of worth
  • Avoid adultery in the heart
  • Modeling strong and genuine moral values for children

That’s just a small subset of the 40 chapters. Some of the topics are eye-opening, showing how much money the pornography industry earns and how hard they try to entice people, not caring that their message is seen by children. The chapter that shows what happens psychologically when pornography treats women as objects, leading to disfunctional relationships, was especially well-written.

The book seemed to drag, though, in some places. In many of the chapters, and other sin could be substituted for pornography with no difference. Chapter 8 deals with temptation of idolatry, and while pornography can certainly contribute to that temptation, so can gluttony, greed, pride, and so forth. By the time I’d reached the end of the book, I was convinced that it could have been written in a dozen chapters or so, combining those that were very similar.

Still, pornography is an enticement to all men who are visual by nature, and “Think Before You Look” exposes this addiction and how it can damage a man’s character and a teenager’s character development. There are practical (if draconian) steps at the end of the book on how to hold one’s self accountable and where to seek additional help. I recommend this book to any Christian man who is unconvinced pornography is detrimental.