The Christian Threat

Jay over at Wizbang was challenged by a reader who asserted that he couldn’t condemn the links between Islam and terrorism because Christians are pretty hideous, too.

Aside from the fact that even if Christianity was bad, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t condemn terrorist links anyway, Jay challenged him to find some examples of Christian terrorism.

I challenged him to cite ten incidents of Christian-inspired terrorism from the last twenty years. To be more precise, “Unless you’d care to cite say, ten incidents of Christian-inspired terrorism in the last twenty years. Terrorist incidents where the terrorists proclaimed that they were doing it for Jesus, and significant numbers of Christians either refused to denounce it, or said it was “provoked.”

He had to go back a long, long way and dredge up some obscure groups, and it was questionable that they were actually doing it in the name of Christ. I don’t deny that people have done evil things in the name of Christianity, but they are denounced and shunned instantly by other Christian groups.

The post was good, the comments are good, too, so it’s a worthwhile read over at Wizbang.