Dropdown Blogroll List

This is for the webgeeks out there, not for the regular visitors. 🙂

Based on a suggestion by Podz, I’ve changed the way the Blogroll is displayed. Blogrolling by default gives you a long listing of all the blogs, but that’s gotten way too cumbersome. I wanted some sort of collapsible, dropdown menu.

There are currently 10 blogrolls on the left sidebard, all nicely condensed. Here’s the code snippet that goes inside the sidebar div:

<div id="sidebar">

<!-- My Favorite Blogrolls -->
<li><h2><a href="#" onclick="return kadabra('m10');"><img src="/Images/buttonfavoriteblogs.png" border=0 /></a></h2>
<ul id="m10">
<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript" src="http://rpc.blogrolling.com/display.php?r=ac55c2faa913a1118a1fb12c225c37d8"></script>


And then this goes in your style.css:

/* kadabra javascript */
#m10, #m11, #m12, #m13 {
display: none;

In the example above, I’m only using #m10, but you need to call out each dropdown in as a separate item (#m11, #m12, etc) and label it separately in the style sheet.