Bloggers Fight Lawsuit Abuse writes daily about lawsuit abuse like the infamous McDonald’s hot coffee lawsuit. Today they are reporting that bloggers have stepped up to the plate to fight worthless class-action lawsuits. Why should lawyers make $2.5 million while the “injured consumers” get worthless coupons? I hope the lawyers lose every penny.

(Charles Burck, “Bloggers Challenge a Class-Action Settlement”, Corporate Board Member Magazine, March/April 2006). One might hope. The opponents of the settlement cite two problems with the settlement: 1) Only the lawyers got cash, and 2) the coupons Netflix is sending to customers are really a low-cost marketing program for them, like locking you into a magazine subscription with a free first month, and doesn’t really punish Netflix or compensate customers at all. So, either there was no harm, and the suit was a big frivolous mess, or there was harm to customers, in which case the settlement utterly failed to redress it.

The objection hearing is scheduled for tomorrow. Read the details on the Netflix objection here.