Immigration Reform on Hold

I’m glad, the US Senate was rushing this through to give us a watered-down feel-good bill that would change nothing. What would the bill do to illegal aliens?

– If they were here illegally, they would be in trouble.
– Perhaps they would be given a misdemeanor.
– Then they would be made US citizens.

Look, they’re already here illegally (which, for the US Senators that have a 3rd grade education, means “it is not legal.”). And now you want to pass a law so you can write them a ticket? But only if they turn themselves in first?

Have you collectively lost your minds?

Look, I know that there are maybe 12 million illegal aliens in the US. My suggestion? Deal with them later. The reason they are here is because we have a border crossing that says, “ILLEGAL ALIENS CROSS THE RIVER HERE. BUSES AND DONUTS PROVIDED FREE.” We have a porous border. Let’s close the border, then deal with the mess inside our country.

Amnesty? I don’t care. Close the border first.
Guest Worker Program? I don’t care. Close the border first.
Naturalization? I don’t care. Close the border first.

People may claim that illegal aliens are contributing to our economy, but in truth we’re providing subsidized health care and public schooling for criminals. (Yes, they’re criminals. They’re illegal. Sheesh.)

I don’t think the US Senate understands that. I’ve half a brain to barge into the Senate Building as an undocumented legislator and pass my own dang bill. The only reason I don’t is because with half a brain I think I’m overqualified.

Close the Border. Then deal with the other issues.