Review: Help! Mom! There are Liberals Under My Bed!

Medium ImageThis was an amusing look at two boys that open a lemonade stand so they can save money for a swingset. They’re good little boys and want to work for the swingset because their parents tell them it’ll make them better people.

But then… horror! One liberal after another shows up, setting new rules for the lemonade stand. Gallantly the boys keep trying to sell lemonade, but each time a liberal shows up, the rules get harder. Eventually the lemonade stand is unprofitable, and liberals have decided that the lemonade stand is inhealthy and unfair to poor children who can’t afford lemonade. The liberals confiscate the lemonade stand.

The cartoons and the names are amusing, as well. Oddly, the liberals in the book bear a striking resemblance to real life liberals. Will the real life liberals notice the resemblance? Probably not; I would expect the liberals to notice neither the characatures nor the actions of their fictional counterparts.