The Da Vinci Code is Anti-Christian

North American Mission Board (NAMB) commissioned Zogby to poll the effects of that piece of blasphemous anti-Christian trash, The Da Vinci Code. Among the key findings

  • The more familiar a person was with the book, the more likely they would consider the claims of The Da Vinci Code to be true.
  • The more familiar a person was with the book, the more suspicious they were of Christianity.
  • Even though most Americans (72%) believed the bible to be “closer to the truth” than The Da Vinci Code, that leaves 28% either unsure or believing the sacriligious fiction more.
  • 57% were convinced or not sure.”Christianity is suppressing the truth as portrayed in The Da Vinci Code.”
  • After reading or hearing about the book, 44% were more likely to seek the truth by studying the bible. 20% were less likely, and another 37% were “neither” or “not sure.”

NAMB tries to put a positive spin on this news, but I see too much negative in it. And the Mainstream Media doesn’t seem to recognize that cartoons of Mohammed cause Muslims to riot and kill people, but blasphemous anti-Christian movies get big promotions. I’m very disappointed in Ron Howard and Tom Hanks for putting out such anti-Christian propoganda.