Boycotting and Protesting "The Da Vinci Code"

The protests are getting louder. Christians aren’t yet rioting in the street a la the Muslim cartoon jihad, but if they were, would mainstream media be more sympathetic to Christians?

Meanwhile, controversy is raging worldwide. Legislators in the Philippines have petitioned for the film to be banned from that country; hundreds of protesters took to the streets in India to call for similar steps on the subcontinent; Christian orthodox leaders in Greece, Romania and Russia blasted the film from the pulpit; and religious officials in the U.S. announced a wide-reaching interfaith coalition that will call for a boycott of the film just two days before its Friday release.

“We are committed to exposing the movie’s offensive and misleading content and are calling for a boycott,” said Don Feder, president of a group called Jews Against Anti-Christian Defamation, part of the U.S.-based interfaith coalition. “This film is a clear attack on all religions.”

Read the rest of the article, it goes on the describe protests and boycotts worldwide.

Me, I plan on blogging about how offensive the book and movie is. I won’t be seeing the movie, I’m not giving $1 toward that piece of crud and the anti-christian producers that made it.