Alarming News

I did it again. It’s a recurring problem.

Some people have a problem with sleep-walking. I have a problem with sleep-adjusting-the-alarm-clock.

It mainfests itself between 3:00am and 5:00am usually. I’ll start randomly pushing buttons on the alarm clock. I might change the time, the volume, the radio station, whatever. And the reason I know I do this is sometimes I hit the “snooze” button which doubles as the “sleep” button and the radio goes off. That wakes me up, horrified, that I’m playing with the alarm clock in my sleep again.

The only way I could possibly make it worse is the way I did it yesterday. Before going to sleep, I told my wife I’d wake her up in the morning. Then, 40 minutes before it was time to get up, I woke myself up pushing the buttons on the alarm clock. Then I told my wife it was time to get up. As soon as I said “good morning,” I realized my error, but it was too late. I’d woken her 40 minutes too early.

Moving it across the room won’t help. Then I’d sleep-walk *and* sleep-fiddle.

Help me.