Tuscan Whole Milk

Amazon sells a lot more than books. And I like the fact that you can write a review of the product.

Amazon also sells a 1 gallon jug of Tuscan Whole Milk, and as of this moment there are 609 reviews, such as:

Humbly self-touted as nutritious
Some even bandied, crazy-delicious
But like the man with a beard
The Tuscan cylinder should be feared
For in a fight to the death, milk IS ferocious?

Evan H


just to let you know, the milk is actually a potion of longevity.
drink it and enjoy long and healthfull life!

(just remember not to mix it with other potions as it can cause internal bleeding or major explosion)


How I made $1,000,000 investing in Milk and you can too!, August 10, 2006
Reviewer: Charles S. Mccormick (Maine!) – See all my reviews

Ever want to be financially independent? Make your own hours, be your own boss? It’s not about working harder, but smarter.

I’ve been investing in milk for 20 years, making millions of dollars in my spare time. What began as a hobby when I lived in a ramshackle shed I know can enjoy while flying my private jet to Tahiti.

These valuable secrets, previously available only to well-heeled hedge fund managers and investment bankers can be yours now! Take control of your life, throw out your old container and start anew with TUSCAN MILK.

I can hear your questions now. Charles, how can I make millions by buying a simple gallon of milk? Well, here’s just one method I detail in the Day 2 “Government” section of my informative seminar….

Do you know any good poems about milk? How about heroic stories involving a 1 gallon jug of milk? I’m thinking I’m missing out on something important here…

Edit: Dang I’m rusty. I forgot the link. It’s up there now. 😛