They Just Hurt Themselves

While I expected the Democrats to make inroads, I’m shocked at how big they are. The Democrats didn’t have any real coherent position except “We’re against everything Bush.” It worked with the help of media – I saw one survey this week that said only 12% of news stories last week were favorable to Republicans.

Unlike the talking heads, I don’t think this was so much a referendum on Iraq. If it was, Leiberman wouldn’t have won. I think instead it was just watching the Republicans self-destruct and taking pictures. Conservatives are for a lot of, well, conservative things. Fiscal restraint, immigration control, social values, etc. Can we honestly say that the Republicans supported those values? I can’t. Throwing all the bums out and starting over sounds like a good idea.

I expect 2 years of nothing, then the 2008 elections will be interesting. I hope Michael Steele or Rick Santorum runs for President.