Shelter in Place

I had to stay indoors this afternoon. It’s not unusual for me to be indoors on a Monday afternoon; what’s unusual is for the city to tell everybody to stay indoors.

We could see white smoke floating past our windows; something unintentional was released from a local industrial plant. The city told us to stay indoors; that’s the only reason I’m not suspecting some government mind-control substance being fogged on us. Or maybe the government was just trying to control the minds of the lawn-care workers which continued to work outdoors during the incident.

I read the article in the Houston Chronicle and was startled to see that the chemical was ethylene diamine. Here’s how the Chronicle described this chemical:

The chemical that leaked was reportedly ethylene diamine, which is widely used in paints and coolants, and is a food and cattle feed additive.

Does it disturb anybody else that cows are being fed some sort of paint chemical?