How to Romance Your Woman

A woman wants to feel like you went out of your way to impress her, to make her feel loved and special. Here’s one possible way

BRUSSELS, Feb 14 (Reuters Life!) – Belgians tired of giving chocolate treats and flowers for Valentine’s Day will be able to spend the evening squeaking out declarations of love in a bar selling helium.

The bar, which normally offers oxygen, is encouraging customers to inhale helium, which distorts the voice, giving a high-pitched cartoon-character sound for a funny effect.

Ah, romance. Nothing says “I love you” like squeaking it in a high pitched cartoony voice. Men, you want your woman to look at you with love and admiration, buy some helium balloons on the way home. Add some sound effects like a squeaky “kaboom hee hee hee” to really make her feel like she’s found the right man.

But patrons should be wary of pledging undying love repeatedly as too much helium can cause asphyxiation.

The key is to leave her wanting more. If you pass out squeaking “kaBOOM hee hee hee,” the effect is diminshed somewhat.