Josh Turner at the Rodeo

Took my favorite date with me yesterday afternoon (my wife) to the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo. Had a great time. We watched two little chicks breaking out of their shells and a small crowd had gathered to root for them. The one we called “hermit crab” one, but not by much. Then we saw the little piggies race, ate some carnival food (but not the fried coke that was such a hit this year), and headed to the rodeo. The calf scramble was a hoot – one young boy did a brilliant open-field tackle on a calf that I’d never seen. He didn’t quite get the halter tied right and the calf got loose – so the young boy repeated the open-field tackle trick. What a hoot.

And Josh Turner, wow. What an incredible deep voice, even through the hideous speakers at Reliant. His final two songs were “God and Me” and “Long Black Train,” and I don’t think I’ve ever been to a combination Rodeo / Christian Revival before last night. More details on the concert at RodeoBlog.