Chris Byrd

Chris ByrdChris Byrd, IBF Heavyweight Boxing Champion, was at our church this weekend and briefly shared his firm belief in Jesus Christ with us. He was funny, too. “First, I beat them up, then I pray with them.”

I admire a man who is in the public spotlight that openly proclaims his faith and thought I’d express a note of appreciation.

Benny Henderson Jr.: You are very open with your beliefs. How does your faith in Christ play in your career?

Chris Byrd: Oh, it is major, my faith in Christ is just huge, it is everything. It is my first love then it is my wife and then my kids. I give all my praises to my Lord and savior Jesus Christ because he allowed me to be in this heavyweight division to represent him. And I represent him as champ because it is more exposure I get to represent Christ even more. This isn’t about me it is about him. And people may love it or lump it, but this is who I am and while I am here this is my mission field to let Jesus shine and let him get all the glory and praise.