McNair Deserves to Own a Winner

From the Houston Chronicle this morning

McNair has revealed much of himself in five trying seasons. Even in the worst of times, he never blamed anyone else, never lashed out at the press, never fired anyone in a fit of anger.

Patience? He has a warehouse of it. He has been a gracious winner (infrequently) and an even more gracious loser (often). He always said the right thing, never hid and never ever stopped believing the Texans eventually would get it right.

The columnist, Richard Justice, is right. What he doesn’t mention is that Bob McNair, owner of the Houston Texans, lives his life exemplifying his faith in Jesus Christ. Mr. McNair has been to our church (along with Astros owner Drayton McLane) to discuss how they lead their lives based on faith in Jesus.

And I know this about Bob McNair not just from his appearance at our church. I once worked for the man at an earlier business venture and saw first hand was a kind, gracious, polite, patient man of Christ he is.

Just thought I’d use this opportunity to point out there was a reason behind Bob McNair’s behavior that Richard Justice observed.