America's 50 Most Influential Churches

The Church Report has released America’s 50 Most Influential Churches survey. Hey, my church, Second Baptist, is #24. Interesting that Ed Young’s son’s church made #3. And I listen to MP3 sermons from McLean Bible Church which comes in at #49. Saddleback Church is the second most influential; I’ll vouch for that. Between his “Purpose Driven Life” and the number of mission trips they do, his church seems to be everywhere.

The #1 church I hadn’t heard of, but I’ve read Bill Hybels bible studies which are excellent. And Joel Olsteen made the list, though I confess I’m not much of a fan of his message of prosperity. I’ve listened to Mars Hill, too, but since it’s on the list twice, I don’t know which Mars Hill I’ve listened to. And Max Lucado’s church is on there; I’ve only read his books though. I’m surprised Chuck Swindoll’s not on the list.

Is your church on the list?

* Nod to Another Day Closer for the link.