Living With Leukemia

Amy chronicled her battle with leukemia, and showed how to fight the battle with a warm, loving, patient, Christian heart. We will all go to be with our Lord someday; Amy’s day was yesterday. You can read her entire battle from Amy’s first post

I wholly believe my journey through leukemia began from the foundations of the earth. The Lord has had this fully written in His plan for my life. Though we will never know the exact moment a single cell of my DNA acquired a problem, the doctors feel my body has been under attack for months. As I look back, I see the many ways God has been preparing us for this — He has truly gone before, and for that I must be grateful.

through the struggle

With that on my mind I’ve been trying to focus on the Cross instead of wallowing in self-pity. And believe me, I have my moments. I’ve been struggling especially with my nursing staff lately. I talked to the doctor about it yesterday morning and just about threw something when once again I was assigned the troublesome nurse that night. For the third night in a row. So I fought self again last night, got in the shower, and found out my hair is definitely falling out. So I cried. Again. And felt sorry for myself, again. And then I made myself start to sing praises. I told Brandon sometimes when I start singing I don’t feel like it at all. But somewhere along the way my worship becomes genuine, and God draws near, or feels near, I know He is always near regardless of my emotions. I started thinking about the Cross, and how much my Savior suffered for me. And how He has gone before me in even what I view to be my most ultimate suffering. I had pain from a bone marrow biopsy, He had nails driven into His hands and feet. I am losing my hair — painlessly, yet His was torn from his head by those who mocked Him. How can I complain about these momentary trials, when He has suffered so for me? I fell asleep pondering these things.

to the last from her husband Brandon,

As someone else said on another blog when their dear one passed away, I never knew one could be at so much peace and have such a broken heart at the same time.

when Amy went to see our Creator.

I can’t begin to offer her family the right words of comfort, but I can help share Amy’s story. I think she would have liked that.

Living with Leukemia

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