Unfinished Todos

Along with last week’s post about categorizing people, another anomoly with carrying a PDA is that whatever goes on your todo list stays on your todo list. Forever. Unlike an unreliable brain that has that convenient ability to forget, a PDA never forgets. (I was going to make an analogy between a PDA and an elephant, but early Monday mornings don’t lend itself to that sort of creativity.) The best you can hope for is some sort of power surge or electrical spike that obliterates your entire list and lets you start over. Hopefully, that won’t occur when it’s in your pocket. (Another creative analogy gone undeveloped: either an electrical spike or an elephant in your pants pocket would be inconvenient.)

For instance, tasks that I’m not really working on –

  • My current PDA is the AT&T Tilt, and I like it a lot. I suspect that AT&T has a cheaper plan for 2 phone lines and a data line, but I have to call them to find out.
  • Do those little credit card sized antennae that you slip next to your cell phone battery work? I need better reception at home.
  • WordPress 2.5 was released this weekend and I want to upgrade. My experiment in HTML design is over, though, and I don’t want to do my own coding. I just want to write.
  • I’m working on a lesson this week from Genesis where Joseph is thrown into a cistern. That’s the chapter I’ve been assigned. I wish I also had the chapter where Joseph gets out of the cistern because I think I could put together a more coherent lesson. As it is, I’m left with, “Try not to get thrown into a cistern,” or, “God’s will may be for you to get thrown in a cistern.” I’m not seeing that yet. I’ll pop over to Coffeeswirls and see if Doug has any insight.
  • Speaking of PDA’s, my old Palm Lifedrive has a hard drive malfunction. I don’t want to throw it away because the data on it is sensitive. I’m thinking the best solution is to take a hammer to it. That seems so cruel though.
  • What are the rules for apostrophes, anyway? Should the title have been “Unfinished Todo’s”? Somebody might wonder what a todos is, like it’s some sort of Greek delicacy.
  • Time to make my house more energy efficient. Either radiant barrier, better insulation, or improved windows. I’m thinking about hiring somebody to do an energy audit to tell me where the best place to spend money is.
  • Today is stock trading day. I stopped posting returns at the beginning of this year; when you’re not posting much, the financial stuff seemed a little overwhelming. I’m happily beating the market though, and exploring new investment ideas such as “Decision Moose.” Really. Go google it.
  • And google “What time is it in Indiana” while you’re at it. I have a business trip coming up there, and I’ve decided those people are lunatics for arguing about time zones and daylight savings time for over 200 years.
  • The latest Firefox has a plugin to help add pictures and links to your blog. It’s called Zemanta. That means I’ll also have to download Firefox.

What sort of things are on your todo list that you may never do?