FAA Strands Thousands of Passengers

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You’ve probably read that American Airlines cancelled thousands of flights. I blame the government for a combination of ineptitude and heavyhandedness.

From what I can tell, inspections of Southwest Airlines and others like American Airlines were light. Things were allowed to be “good enough.”

The some FAA official was criticized. Southwest Airlines had to cancel flights. And all of a sudden, American Airlines got caught up in the rigamarole because they fly MD-80 jets with this wiring problem that everybody seems to agree is not a flight hazard.

The FAA, in trying not to look laisy, came down hard like a hammer on the only nail they could fine. American Airlines took the brunt. You know they didn’t cancel thousands of flights because they wanted to. No, all of a sudden “good enough” wasn’t good enough, and every plane had to be inspected immediately, and whatever happens to all those passenger, well, the big and overbearing impersonal government doesn’t care. Sit in your little terminal and rot, you stinkin’ taxpayer.

Sort of makes me pine for government run healthcare.Related articles