Washington on the Brazos

I’m a wee bit sunburned. You know the drill; a) go outside, b) get burned, c) reflect that sunscreen would have been a good idea.

At least, those are the steps if you’re a guy. Women tend to reflect on the sunscreen part first.
US Quarter
We spent the day last Saturday at Washington-on-the-Brazos Texas State Park and had an enjoyable day in the sunshine. Learned a few things about Texas history; I didn’t realize Texas was voluntarily part of a Mexican Republic until Santa Anna became a dictator. I didn’t know enough about Mexican history, I guess.

Anyway, true story coming up, and you’ll understand what my wife has to put up with. We get out of the car, walk along a path, and I find a quarter. Bight and shiny, too, not all dirty like you’d expect a quarter found outside would be.

“Wow! Do you know what this is?” I say to my wife.

“A quarter?” she replies.

“No! It’s Washington-on-the-Brazos!”

She rolls her eyes.

I continue unmercifully. “Quick! Keep looking for Benjamin-on-the-Brazos!”