Texans versus Steelers

My wife is a huge Pittsburgh Steelers fan. I don’t mean *she* is huge, she’s actually quite thin. But her enthusiasm is huge.

And it’s contagious, so I’ve been a Steelers fan for several years. I admire the work ethic, the faith, the character of the men playing. And the Steelers are awesome.

But secretly I’ve been a Texans fan. I admire the owner and the team has caught several bad breaks since their opening season. Last year, the latter half of the year, the Texans were incredible, especially knocking off the undefeated Titans.

I really think this is their year. Matt Schaub looks healthy, he’s a skilled quarterback, and the Texans defense has made some changes so that if they’re just average, the team as a whole will be great.

When (not if, but when) the Texans get to the playoffs, they’ll meet the Steelers. That will be an interesting day around the house.

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