Children's Benedryl Packs a Punch

We went out with friends Friday night to get away from the deconstruction / reconstruction cycle going on at the house. There’s only so much sheet rock and dryer fan noise you can take before a dose of sake is required.

We had a great time. Benihana’s has this new Japanese / Mexican fusion chicken that’s interesting. The shrimp appetizers were tasty.

Have I ever mentioned I’m allergic to shrimp? I know I am, but it’s not a highly reactive allergy. I can’t eat a shellfish dinner without having a reaction like Will Smith does in “Hitch”, but appetizers are usually ok.

But not Friday night. Immediately the lumps on the neck and cheeks started, then my throat tightened up a little and my voice went all husky. I sang a sexy medley of Barry White and Lou Rawls in my new throaty voice for entertainment.

I stopped at the grocery store for Benedryl. In liquid form, all they had was Children’s Benedryl. A doctor once told me to drink a half a bottle of Benedryl if I had a reaction. Diane poured me a little capful of Benedryl which I downed. Then I took the rest of the bottle and downed that, too.

Children’s Benedryl can pack quite a punch, I’ve discovered. That stuff knocked me for a loop, and I passed out on the sofa.

I guess I just can’t hold my Benedryl as well as Will Smith can.