That's Enough of Disqus

I’m disabling Disqus today from my blog at http:\\ . The idea was great – a more open community for comments to posts. The interface was nice, and I liked the fact that individuals “owned” their own comments and could edit them as necessary.

But Disqus was barely used by the community. The only additional comments I got were mostly spam. And there’s a technical hiccup – I use a utility to crosspost comments from Facebook to my blog and back again, and Disqus ignored those comments. It’s like they don’t exist. I can disable Disqus and the WordPress comments appear; renable Disqus and the comments disappear again. I have to manually import, over and over again, for the comments to match.

And since there was no response to my technical inquiry at Disqus, *poof*, it’s deleted.