Charlotte's Web

Charlotte belongs to my church family and we shared a bible study class together. I remember the day she announced her cancer. I wasn’t sure what to think at the time; I have been blessed to be in a family with healthy genes for the most part.

Since then I’ve understood a lot more. I understand the seriousness and the life impact, the pain and the challenges. And I understand that people facing cancer treatment are stonger than I’ve ever had to be.

Charlotte has faced melanoma with the most incredible amount of bravery during the last year of treatment. And just when it seemed to be getting brighter, the doctors found another spot of cancer. Yet through it all, even through the tears and anger that surely she must endure, Charlotte has been a wonderful example of praising the Lord and experiencing His joy and peace.

Her latest post where she talks about the newest cancer can be found on her website Charlotte’s Web. Please stop by, read her blog, and offer her words of encouragement.