What Did You Find?

I haven’t done this in a couple of weeks – I’m fascinated when people Google stuff and end up here. Most of the time what they’re searching for was only mentioned in passing, or there was only a single article on the subject.

Without further ado (if you want further ado, I can provide that upon request), here’s the list of search queries that led visitors here:

  • “Kingdom of Loathing”: By far the most popular search term was for “Kingdom of Loathing” which was asked for 4 times. Yeah, it’s a fun, nonsensical game I’ve mentioned – go play it at Kingdom of Loathing – it’s free, and funny. Let’s see who my foe would be today if I logged in:

    Ninja Snowman

    This is one of the Ninja Snowmen of Mt. McLargeHuge. These ninjas are as cold as ice, and willing to sacrifice your love. And by love, I mean life.

    He ninjas you in the shoulder. Ow! Eek! Oof! Eek! Ow!

    But I hardly play anymore since I just don’t have the time – too busy working and blogging 🙂 . There were 12 (twelve!) people searching for “Pastamancer”, and other searches for “descriptions kingdom of loathing items,” “kingdom of loathing wand,” and “secret code kingdom of loathing.” If I actually had useful information here on that game, I could be the encyclopedia for that game. Alas, I have no useful information except for a wee bit on ninja snowmen that I posted just now.

  • “String of fast food suits expected by end of year”: Wow. Almost word for word on the name of my post that day.
  • Iraqi soldiers save wilson: Wilson? From the movie Castaway? That’s the only Wilson I know of.
  • “lonely man suspensory”: Again? The guy that searched for this term last time dropped off a comment and confessed (he was trying to find out if there was any rhyme or reason to this stuff), but now apparently somebody’s search for it again. If I’m not the source for Kingdom of Loathing, then I want to be the best resource for Spam Poetry anywhere.
  • “cheese poems”: Or cheese poetry. Or even better, Spam with Cheese poetry. Mmmm.
  • “$1000 bill pic”: No idea. No place (until just now) do I mention a $1000 bill anywhere. I mentioned a $10 Reagan bill though.Reagan $10 Bill
  • “livejournal new icon superhero”: No less than 7 seaches for this. Actually, I’m quite proud of this little pic. I needed an icon for my original Livejournal blog (don’t bother looking for it, all of the posts were moved over here) and I was trying to be zuper zecret. I started with this picture:
    Gadzook those are huge muscles
    Gadzooks, those are huge muscles. Scary. With a little bit of special effects and editing, I ended up with this icon for my Livejournal posts:
  • “livejournal swirl backgrounds”: I wonder if anybody’s swiped my blue swirly background yet?
  • “chasing the wind,” “chasingthewind,” “chasingthewind.net”: Cool. Somebody was actually looking for me, and then they found me. Yippee!
  • “the washington dispatch faulkner,” “george bush this girl lost her mother on 9 11,” “hoax washington dispatch ashley”: Several searches for this story. I’m not surprised they ended up here; this story wasn’t picked up anywhere else. One of the searchers was also trying to find out if it was a hoax. It’s not; I linked to the original story at The Washington Dispatch. That picture must drive liberals crazy – they try to paint George Bush as some cruel, uncaring monster, yet here he is, away from the cameras, comforting a girl that lost her mother during 9/11. Face it, liberals – George Bush has more compassion in his little finger than your whole corrupted billionaire-financed MoveOn.org does in the entire organization.
    Bush comforts Ashley who lost her mother during 9/11
  • “mulroney eulogies”: Mulroney did a eulogy for Reagan – the eulogy isn’t here, but I did link to it at Outside the Beltway.
  • “wordpress metaldreams”: If the blue swirly style I made bugs you, I installed some alternate styles on the left – one with a polar bear playing in the water, a toned down swirly for Spritzy, and a couple of others including one called “Metal Dreams.” I wonder if somebody is just trying to find out if it’s being used anywhere.
  • “chronically biased”: Chronically Biased is a local Houston based blog that rips into our local left-wing newspaper. The Houston Chronicle drives me nuts, too – I cancelled my paper years ago, but they still give it to me free often. The Houston Chronicle isn’t as bad as the L.A. Times, but they happily rip into Tom Delay weekly, praise the local Metro toy choo-choo train that goes nowhere and has caused 46+ accidents so far this year, ignore the C.L.O.U.T. effort of 30,000 taxpayers whose property tax is skyrocketing, and generally ignore any story that doesn’t fit their agenda.

That’s all the ado I have for today. 🙂

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