One Ugly Dog

Man. That’s got to be the ugliest dog I’ve ever seen.

Some may call it a tale of beauty and the beast. But Sam, a 14-year-old pedigreed Chinese crested, and a three-time champ in the World’s Ugliest Dog Contest, is the dog of Susie Lockheed’s dreams.

Lockheed, 53, enjoys massaging Sam’s fleshy, thin, potato-chip ears and running her fingers through the small patches of white hair on his head.

She likes kissing Sam’s hairless frame, littered with blackheads, brown warts and moles. Even his hindquarters have a large hernia lump.

Then there’s his right eye, left a reddish-purple from cataracts, which stands out from the other, which is a milky white.

“I’ve never had a dog this much in love with me,” Lockheed said. “I really baby Sam, and kiss him a lot. He’s a toad [that’s] going to turn into a prince.”

I mean, it’s ugly. I couldn’t stand for it to be on the front page of Chasing the Wind, so you’ll have to click to see it. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


11 thoughts on “One Ugly Dog”

  1. I quite honestly dont think it’s ugly. Nothing is ugly. Some people just seem to think other things are ugly just because they don’t look the same as everyone else. That’s really sad. There’s nothing wrong with the poor dog. Have a heart, you cold blooded monsters.

    That dog sees, hears and tastes just like we do. just because it looks different…what’s wrong with him?


  2. 😯 WOW!! My eyes popped out of my head when i saw tht dog!!!! 😳 excuse me i’ll be right back i’ve gotta puke!! 😕 if the lady tht owns tht dog “sam” luvs him i guess thts all tht matters


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